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With its technical expertise, Protecno is evolving in line with the multiple and complex challenges of the defence sector. This guidance and support enable it to improve its know-how in the manufacture of complex printed circuits.

Protecno's EN 9100 certification demonstrates its commitment to the manufacture of reliable, high-quality PCBs while ensuring traceability at all stages of manufacture.

PCBs dedicated to defence applications cover a wide range of functions:

  • RF measurement instrumentation
  • Military assistance equipment (night vision goggles, helmets, radio transmitter, binoculars)
  • RF bench testing
  • Deployed electronic systems for weapons and radar
  • Electronic systems for drone applications
  • Sonar power supply boards

Many technologies are present in the manufacture of dedicated Defence PCBs:

  • Double-sided
  • Rigid-Flex
  • Multi-layer
  • Microwave