Accueil - Innovations


The aim of the DENOTEIC project was to develop and qualify multilayer circuit technologies (polymers, hybrids, and 3D plastics) adapted to the constraints of microwave circuits.


The RAPID IMPACT project addresses the technological issues of printed circuit boards by developing two metal plating techniques.


The MIDIMU-HD project aims to develop a new technology enabling the design and manufacture of high density mixed microwave circuits and digital printed circuit boards from multilayer dielectric material


This project consists in considering a three-dimensional integration of passive components inside and outside the printed circuit. The challenge of the Corsaire project is therefore to develop a multilayer microwave printed circuit technology based on high integration density with improved quality.


MEREDIT is an EIG created in 2012 on the initiative of four French PCB manufacturers: the GTID Group (subsidiary of Protecno), the Elvia PCB Group, Cimulec, and Systronic to pool their technical resources.


The Ehdicos project is a 3D approach to electronic interconnection to meet higher density requirements.


Nowadays, PCB manufacturers need to be skilled in mixing thick layers (microwave signals) and very high density thin layers (control signals) in the same multilayer structure. The aim of the project is to develop innovative technologies to produce these complex structures.