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Full project name: Innovative multi-layer technology for microwave applications

Project acronym: CORSAIRE

This project consists in considering a three-dimensional integration of passive components inside and outside the printed circuit. The challenge of the Corsaire project is therefore to develop a multilayer microwave printed circuit technology based on high integration density with improved quality. This involves reviewing design methods from a global perspective: from components to systems, including subsystems and packaging.

This example proposes the presence of cavities, air cavities with dielectric resonators in the internal layers of the substrate and multilayer planar circuits on the outer surface of the PCB in order to optimise performance and miniaturisation.

Proposed multi-layer technology from the Corsaire project

Advantages of the Corsaire project with the integration of RF functions:

  • Weight and cost savings of the PCB
  • Integrate more functions on the PCB
  • Reduce the effects of signal distortion or coupling between lines by reducing the path of the RF signal through the device
  • Possibility of creating an electromagnetic enclosure around certain components in order to eliminate coupling and limit interference and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) problems
  • Dissipate heat through internal heat sinks created in the PCB
Overall block diagram

SMD: Surface Mounted Component

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