Accueil - Services - Advice, support, technical expertise

Thanks to the expertise and skills of our method department, which is made up of NPI engineers and technicians, we can offer you a customised printed circuit board manufacturing solution.

Their role is to:

  • Advise and guide the customer from the design stage of the PCB, in its choice of technology, ⭃ NPI
  • Validate the feasibility of the circuit via a contract review for all files that fall outside the manufacturing standards
  • Anticipate manufacturing risks according to our road map
  • Optimise the industrialisation of the PCB project
  • Propose a manufacturing reactivity according to the chosen technology

Our team of experts is also involved in the development of new technologies for the manufacture of printed circuits. It participates in the validation of demonstrators enabling Protecno to build on its R&D know-how.

Faced with the increasing evolution of PCB electronics in terms of performance, cost, and miniaturisation, Protecno is involved in numerous collaborative R&D projects with its customers and academic players (universities, engineering schools, etc.) on the issues of "microwave frequencies, size, power" in order to meet customer needs and adapt to new markets.