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Thanks to its high-performance machinery, Protecno can offer a very wide range of PCB technologies: HDI multilayer, sequential multilayer, drain, flex, rigid-flex, microwave, power (backplane, planar transformers), 3D (ARC3D plastic parts).

Protecno also offers a wide range of finishes. (Chemical Ni Au - Chemical Sn - Sn 100c - SnPb - etc.)

Before production launch, each customer file is analysed by our experts in order to adapt the design of the circuit to the manufacturing tools and to optimise its industrialisation.

Our printed circuit boards are produced in accordance with ISO9001 and EN9100 certification.
Through this quality organisation, Protecno guarantees the control and traceability of its production.


The ARC 3D process consists of a total or selective metal plating of plastic materials using the chemical metal plating process. It consists of a copper deposit and an anti-corrosion finish, most commonly nickel.

We process various plastics such as ABS, Polycarbonates (Lexan), Polyurethanes, Polyester, Ultem, Ryton, Polymethacrylate. These materials represent 95% of the plastics processed.

This electromagnetic shielding process is used on plastic parts for many industrial applications. (Aeronautics, Automotive, Defence, Electronic connectors, Telecommunications, IT, Measurement).