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Full project name: Développement de Nouvelles Technologies pour Intégration Circuit (Development of New Technologies for Circuit Integration)

Project acronym: DENOTEIC

The aim of the DENOTEIC project was to develop and qualify multilayer circuit technologies (polymers, hybrids, and 3D plastics) adapted to the constraints of microwave circuits.

  • Polymers: to demonstrate the potential of a multilayer polymer process for the development and industrialisation of miniaturised radio frequency and microwave transmitter/receiver sub-assemblies.

Development of multilayer circuits integrating up to 3 RF levels of 20GHz class, 2 of which are buried for passive functions.
Study UBO (Labsticc), specifications Thales, implementation Protecno.

  • Hybrids: This is the idea of simultaneously taking into account a technological framework involving several materials.

These materials, closely intertwined, differ from each other by their electrical, mechanical, and even thermal properties.
Metal plating of polyurethane foam
Design and machining Télécom Bretagne

  • 3D plastics processing: metal plating and selective etching of plastic parts in 3D. The technologies allow the integration of passive components made of materials of the same or different nature into the internal layers of the circuit in order to obtain a gain in integration, cost, and performance.

GNSS antenna implementation

Study Satimo, machining Actuaplast, metal plating Protecno.

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