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Single- and double-sided PCBs

Single- and double-sided boards are standard technologies that can be produced with short lead times from prototype to medium-size production runs. They are made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin or other types of Teflon material, reinforced with ceramic, and one or two layers of copper on the surface.


The multilayer PCB is composed of several etched layers (called internal layers), which are stacked and hot pressed with prepregs (epoxy glue). This process is followed by copper reinforcement and plating to ensure the connection of all internal and external faces of the PCB.


A rigid-flex is a printed circuit board that consists of two parts: a flexible part and a rigid part. This feature allows for a wider range of interconnections with other components.


An HDI PCB is defined by its high density of interconnections. HDI PCBs have thin traces and isolations, vias and microvias.


For some specific applications, where high frequency is required, the microwave circuit is the appropriate solution.

Plastic metal plating

The process consists in metal plating plastics by chemical means. It is made up of a copper deposit and an anti-corrosion finish, mainly tin or nickel.

Custom PCBs

Protecno's custom PCBs belong to the category of specific PCBs such as planar transformers, backplanes and SMIs with integrated cavities.